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ToothpasteGuide.com was founded based on our frustration with not being able to quickly find a complete list of toothpaste varieties. We put toothpaste in our mouths once or twice per day (hopefully!) yet we often don't understand all the ingredients, flavors, and options available to us. We probably spend more time picking out our lunch than our toothpaste. But choosing an effective toothpaste is an important decision since we will be brushing our teeth over 7,000 times during the next decade. And this bit of wisdom can serve to motivate us toward sensible dental hygiene: "Your first two sets of teeths are free; the third one costs you."

We have worked to categorize the different types of toothpaste in useful groups. Tooth powder is also included, although this is much less common than toothpaste.

If you spot something that is inaccurate or missing, or if you have a suggestion, please contact us.

Flavors: Fruit, Mint, Spices & Herbs, Sweets
With fluoride: Natural, Kids, Sensitive Teeth, Whitening, Fresh Breath
Without fluoride (Fluoride-free): Natural, Kids, Sensitive Teeth, Whitening, Fresh Breath

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